Work Remotely! 6 + 1/2 Benefits Why You Need To Work With Remote Teams

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Nobert Nieuw
June 29, 2015

Work Remotely! 6 + 1/2 Benefits Why You Need To Work With Remote Teams

Nobert Nieuw June 29, 2015
  • Hugo Messer

    Great story! I see that the industry talks about ‘remote work’ nowadays, while a couple of years back all talk was about ‘offshoring and nearshoring’. Companies allow their employees to work from home…and once they can and do, the step to engage people from a farther location, becomes small. I believe that in the next decade, we’ll see a huge decline in office work and a big rise in remote work. As stated here, when a company is geared up to work with people from another location, they can hire the best people for any job, no matter where they are. This could be freelancers, consultants or employees working from another country. The only thing that counts is: create value together, get work done.

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