Best Communication Tools For Remote Teams

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Learn how to work better in a distributed team

Raisa Mathew
September 16, 2015

Best Communication Tools For Remote Teams

Raisa Mathew September 16, 2015

About Raisa Mathew

Raisa Elizabeth Mathew is a digital journalist, 360° engagement-centric content strategist and photographer. Her ideas and passion are kittens, social media and mobile. Web enthusiast and professional blogger since 2011, she contributes to a handful of the top technology and marketing websites around the world. She can be reached via Twitter as RaisaMathew

  • Meanu Normia

    I think you missed proofhub from your list, We are working with about 50 remote workers around the world and proofhub helped us to manage everything from project management to planning. Worth mention.

    • Raisa M

      Thanks Meanu for the review. Yes, Proofhub is one among the best team collaboration tool I have known. But we didn’t get to use it for Ekipa remote team real-time communication. Missed to include it here. Thanks, will mention it. Great to hear that you manage to collaborate with 50 remote workers and here we too engage with a good number of remote players.

  • Tom Kigan

    Raisa, are you absolutely satisfied with the Asana performance at Ekipa?
    We’re now using the one within our team as well, but there are some
    functionality limitations that don’t allow us to increase our
    productivity further. I’m referring primarily to rather poor workflow
    engine and mobile apps (that refuse to work offline and in business
    trips (for example, in flights)). I’ve been suggested to try Pyrus as an alternative to Asana. Any experience with the one?

    • Raisa M

      Hi Tom,

      Happy to see you here, Tom. We as a team assign and go through our tasks on Asana, so far performed well. But what we come across is the cluttering of notifications if the task is set to repeat. I think that can be normal too. Asana reminds of the tasks always. We haven’t tried Pyrus. Thanks Tom for suggestion. will look to it.

  • Justyna Pindel

    Raisa, thank you for sharing :)
    To communicate all over the world we also use Slack and it works awesome for us :)
    However, for project management and business I prefer to use rather than Trello. Kanbanery
    is not only a Kanban board, but it is always a great tool to collect a
    valuable data to monitor our workflow and track progress.

  • Del Currie

    Raisa – great article, my remote team uses many of these tools. As sqwiggle has now gone, you should check out – I think you’ll like it!

  • Roger Simon

    Nice list. We just use 2 tools to get our scattered team together- skype & proofhub. Both are great to share ideas, discuss matters, provide feedback, find answers and stay in sync.Plus, both are available for iOS and android devices.

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