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Piotr Chmielewski
April 27, 2015

How Digital Are You?

Piotr Chmielewski April 27, 2015

About Piotr Chmielewski

Piotr Chmielewski Co-founder CTO. Business creator. Passionate about the power of Internet. Searching for market disruption. Experience with software products and offshoring.

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Turn Your Business Digital

Digital business, digital agenda, digital transformation – these statements are already cliches. Company owners, executives, business managers and everybody else tries to piggy-back on the ‘digital’ trend. What does digital, become digital or being digital really mean in the business context? And alt


Piotr Chmielewski February 8th, 2016

Expert Strategies On Managing Cultural Differences In Remote Teams

No one can deny the fact that managing cross-cultural and virtual teams effectively could bring ample opportunities – deep knowledge of products and their markets, how to deal with culturally sensitive customers and the 24-hour working pattern. However, these advantages can be eclipsed by the obstacles arising from teams working virtually, ending as the team bottleneck.  Cultural bottlenecks are common in man


Hugo February 3rd, 2016

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