Effective Communication for Distributed Teams

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Learn how to work better in a distributed team

Andy Cleff
November 13, 2015

Effective Communication – A Key To Great Teamwork

Andy Cleff November 13, 2015

About Andy Cleff

Andy is a pragmatic and accomplished Agile Practitioner and Project Management Professional with 20+ years experience across a variety of corporate and start-up environments. He applies experience, common sense, and situational flexibility as he champions the adoption, propagation and scaling of Agile. He is passionate and determined to help catalyze and nurture a culture of respect, acknowledgement, self-management and continual improvement within technical and creative teams as well as across entire organizations.

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What’s Your Questioning Strategy – And How Does It Affect Your Team?

How many questions do you ask in the course of a day? And what’s your strategy for doing so? After all, what happens when you are asked a question? Even here, as you read a blog post, you are responding to my questions. Have you ever noticed how each question guides your attention in a particular direction? It … Continue reading What’s Your Questioning Strategy – And How Does It Affect Your Team?

Judy Rees April 1st, 2016

Embrace Cultural Differences In Virtual Teams – Why?

Taking leverage of virtual teams for your organisation can be rewarding, bringing many benefits. However, equally to the advantages, managing global teams has its own roadblocks in store – often can be downright frustrating and challenging. The way people from different culture interacts, working attitude, communication can all hinder effective team building. So should you prioritise cultural … Continue reading Embrace Cultural Differences In Virtual Teams – Why?

Raisa Mathew January 28th, 2016

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