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Nowadays, enterprise software development is evolving at a fast pace. Every aspect of it is subjected to change: tactics, standards, tools, libraries, etc. Consequently, these changes bring new capabilities. As the business world becomes increasingly web-based, enterprise business applications play one of the leading roles for businesses. Below you’ll find Continue Reading

Dmitri Koteshov June 21st, 2017

One of the things that have surprised me in the past few years is the size of the ecosystem around startups. We see the same ecosystems evolve in all the major hubs across the globe, but we lack an ecosystem for scaling up.

In my own journey the past decade, … Continue Reading

Hugo April 27th, 2017

You may not have established your company. You may not have developed your product yet. But you have an idea. Moreover, you can visualize your project in works, you can imagine its results – that means that you have a vision that drives your ambitions. So what are the stages Continue Reading

Dmitri Koteshov April 17th, 2017

Problem Statement

SAP and Mobile ­ these two words have originated from different centuries. Whenever SAP was created a phone was something that stood on the table and had anything but a display. When in 2008 an iPhone opened the era of applications for mobile devices few would imagine the … Continue Reading

Andrey Dekhtyar June 7th, 2016

I joined the panel from the comfort of my home, but it felt like a real panel. The panelists could rotate their kubi towards each other to have discussions and the people in the webinar could participate. I’ve written an earlier blog post, including a video, about my experience.  Continue Reading

Hugo February 10th, 2016

Slack adds more fun, making team communication really awesome. Slack has rolled out new multiracial slack emojis so users can express what they feel in their favorite skin-tone. The diverse emoji, modified with skin-tone functionality, enhances the way messaging is done.slack emoji

The trend of racially diverse emoji was first introduced … Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew November 6th, 2015
Dreamler -- a collaborative real-time environment for visual planning and project management
Dreamler — a collaborative real-time environment for visual planning and project management

A Problem Worth Solving

Realizing big ideas is really hard, I should know, I spent the first 20 years of my career combining CAD, code, automated manufacturing and design to push the boundaries of architecture and construction. It … Continue Reading

Thomas Wingate October 26th, 2015

Software developers are often characterized by an intense dedication to sitting in front of their computers and writing code. However, as a profession, software development remained a thriving field throughout the global recession – not only does this indicate that it’s a vital service, but as an industry that’s performing … Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew October 14th, 2015

Happy to welcome Tallitha Campos who has more than 12 years of experience in Information Technology, an enthusiast on new trends, technology and culture to discuss on distributed teams from Quality Analyst perspective. As a Quality Assurance Analyst for 8 years, Tallitha’s customer centric approach helps Yellow Pencil deliver user-friendly Continue Reading

Hugo September 24th, 2015

Why Outsourcing Software Development Right For Startups

At Ekipa, we work with companies from around the globe that want delivery and quick reaction from their software development teams, but aren’t ready to make the investment in hiring a team and paying for office space. It’s understandable – some founders prefer to bootstrap, and others aren’t at the … Continue Reading

Jennifer Roberts August 8th, 2015

I recently stumbled upon an interesting study by Altimeter Group regarding the state of Digital and Digital Transformation. It is a high level and a rather generic research, however, a few interesting and useful elements can be found there.

Digital transformation may mean many things to many people so AltimeterContinue Reading

Piotr Chmielewski May 18th, 2015

7 Slick Projects Built With AngularJS

When we started to build web applications with AngularJS over two years ago it was just a promising JS framework with growing community of volunteer developers, used mainly by its biggest supporters. Created mostly for single page apps and using MVC (model-view-controller) it offered a good separation between presentation, data Continue Reading

Joanna Chmiel May 7th, 2015

At Ekipa, the mantra we use in our product development team is ‘try not to build anything – use services’. I see that most startups are launching big platforms in rapid pace. They do this by integrating services instead of developing the features of their platform by themselves. One example … Continue Reading

Hugo May 5th, 2015