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Sarah Allen of Nucleus with her team has put together an interesting infographic with stats and insights on remote work and details on how Millennials are searching for jobs.

Technology has completely changed how we work, and the office will only get smarter. Today companies have employees all over the Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew May 4th, 2017

Our fourth Bandung meetup was held at Makers Institute, which drew around 20 participants who are agile fans. Facilitated by Wahid Nurdin, Agus Firmansyah and Devi Miraj, the session addressed the agile challenges and solutions. It was held in the Agile Circles model and the first Agile Circles meetup … Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew April 3rd, 2017

azino777 официальный сайтБольшинство истинных любителей гэмблинга с радостью перешли играть на сайт Азино777, потому что увидели перспективу, и сегодня ежедневно в сети интернет появляются видео записи, где как новички, так и профессионалы срывают непревзойденные крутые заносы.

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Raisa Mathew January 23rd, 2017

Leading-edge instruction in this particular country is rather quickly becoming a need in the commerce group in lieu of an extravagance. In the previous the consumers who had a secondary college training continue to had the prospect to manufacture a superior environment for on their own as well as their … Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew September 10th, 2016

Vitaly Plitchenko, Market Analyst of Apriorit is working on software product and service market analysis focusing mostly on the security, virtualization, and cloud computing segments. His work helps Apriorit and its customers to find new opportunities and adjust product strategies.

The favorite thing to do for industry analytics in the Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew May 26th, 2016

Taking leverage of virtual teams for your organisation can be rewarding, bringing many benefits. However, equally to the advantages, managing global teams has its own roadblocks in store – often can be downright frustrating and challenging. The way people from different culture interacts, working attitude, communication can all hinder effective … Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew January 28th, 2016

To work successfully with our Western customers of IT specialists need to learn the art of communication.This cornerstone, which was discussed at conferences and workshops, webinars and roundtables. Why this topic is always relevant?

There are many reasons:

  • the difference in mentality;
  • Remote communication;
  • minimum Fields of experience;
  • not a
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Raisa Mathew January 21st, 2016

Slack adds more fun, making team communication really awesome. Slack has rolled out new multiracial slack emojis so users can express what they feel in their favorite skin-tone. The diverse emoji, modified with skin-tone functionality, enhances the way messaging is done.slack emoji

The trend of racially diverse emoji was first introduced … Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew November 6th, 2015

Software developers are often characterized by an intense dedication to sitting in front of their computers and writing code. However, as a profession, software development remained a thriving field throughout the global recession – not only does this indicate that it’s a vital service, but as an industry that’s performing … Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew October 14th, 2015

Any manager who works with remote teams needs a combination collaboration tools to work online with both their employees and clients – but often there are so many out there that it’s challenging to choose just one. On the other hand, it can be easy to use too many tools … Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew September 16th, 2015

managing remote teams

Make Managing Remote Teams Easy: 3 Pitfalls, One Win

Remote working isn’t just the norm for tech-startups or small businesses. In fact, due to a shortage in programmers growing by the year in the US and the EU, more companies engage with remote software development teams because there’s an abundance … Continue Reading

Raisa Mathew August 28th, 2015