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Ekipa clients often have questions about working with developers from one region or another. While it’s not our official position to favor one area of the world over another, as we know that talented teams are found around the globe, we do like to share interesting research from our content … Continue Reading

Jennifer Roberts February 25th, 2016

Jennifer Roberts Intercultural Sales Cycles

I just got back from a very intense, very successful trip to Ukraine delivering Intercultural Sales Cycles Workshops to groups of 25-35 participants in three different cities. What I’m most grateful for is the huge amount of positive feedback I’ve received – I put a lot of effort into designing … Continue Reading

Jennifer Roberts February 5th, 2016

I wanted to start 2016 with you by sharing my own areas of improvement as an entrepreneur. Ekipa is an amazing startup that’s bringing together clients and teams from around the world every day – but we’re not perfect. In our first blog post of 2016, I’m going to share … Continue Reading

Jennifer Roberts January 4th, 2016

skype down

Thoughts from our CMO on #skypedown

We were in the middle of our weekly team strategy call when Skype started getting buggy, and about 10 minutes later, everyone lost all connectivity.

“Oh well,” someone wrote via chat. “Let’s get on Hangouts.”Hangouts

Within five minutes, we were continuing to talk … Continue Reading

Jennifer Roberts September 21st, 2015

software development marketplace

I want to get a little personal with our blog readers this week because I’ve been experiencing the same pain point in my personal life that people often go through before they come to Ekipa – the dilemma of whether to work with a service like our software development marketplace, … Continue Reading

Jennifer Roberts September 2nd, 2015

managed remote teams

A key decision when outsourcing software development work is whether to hire freelancers or acquire the services of one or more managed remote teams. Your hiring criteria should be based on your project requirements, but it is essential to have a clear understanding of what both options have to offer … Continue Reading

Jennifer Roberts August 19th, 2015

Why Outsourcing Software Development Right For Startups

At Ekipa, we work with companies from around the globe that want delivery and quick reaction from their software development teams, but aren’t ready to make the investment in hiring a team and paying for office space. It’s understandable – some founders prefer to bootstrap, and others aren’t at the … Continue Reading

Jennifer Roberts August 8th, 2015