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Agile Business Analysis!

Follow the Agile Business Analysis course and get all necessary expertise

By Katarzyna Kot

Business Analysis expert and practitioner

Who is this course for

  • Product owners
  • Agile team members
  • Business analysts
  • Requirements engineers
  • Business managers working with agile teams
  • Anybody reponsible for and vitally interested in high customer satisfaction

Agile Requirements Artefacts

Course outline

  • Scope of Business Analysis
  • Competencies of a Business Analyst

  • What is Agile?
  • The Agile Manifesto and Guiding Principles
  • Agile Methods (a.o. SCRUM, XP, Kanban)
  • Business Analysis for Agile context

Product vision

  • Defining product solving customer problems
  • Assessment of business needs and business value?
  • Product Roadmap

Agile planning and backlog refinement

  • Identifying and understanding stakeholders 
  • Stakeholder engagement and management

  • Artefacts: goals, themes, epics and user stories
  • Dependencies between artefacts
  • Guidelines for writing good user stories
  • Role of Use Cases
  • Agile validation techniques: storyboarding, scenarios, prototyping

Agile Essentials

  • Product Backlog
  • Product Backlog prioritisation techniques 
  • How to manage requirements in the Backlog?


  • BA role in agile (release) planning
  • Decomposition of epics/stories into manageable level
  • Getting stories ready for sprint planning
  • Defining “ready” and “done”
  • Defining acceptance criteria
  • Facilitation of planning workshops
  • Relative estimates
  • Story mapping

Business value techniques

Importance of collaboration

  • Creating a safe working environment
  • Self-organizing teams
  • Collaborative games and retrospectives
  • The importance of Agile meetings to strengthen collaboration

What is business analysis?

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