Agile Challenges & Solutions

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Learn how to work better in a distributed team

Raisa Mathew
April 3, 2017

Agile Challenges & Solutions

Raisa Mathew April 3, 2017

About Raisa Mathew

Raisa Elizabeth Mathew is a digital journalist, 360° engagement-centric content strategist and photographer. Her ideas and passion are kittens, social media and mobile. Web enthusiast and professional blogger since 2011, she contributes to a handful of the top technology and marketing websites around the world. She can be reached via Twitter as RaisaMathew

What's New

Learn How GoJek Became Agile & Doku Builds Self Organized Teams? Doku Meetup

On May 30th, was our next meetup at Doku which drew a large crowd of 100 plus agile enthusiasts. The meetup was facilitated by experts from Doku, Go-jek, Traveloka. Niranjan Paranjape, Director of Engineering at Go-jek sharing his experience on implementing agile in his expanding startup. Jauhaf, Lead Engineer of Doku, gave a talk on … Continue reading Learn How GoJek Became Agile & Doku Builds Self Organized Teams? Doku Meetup

admin June 7th, 2017

Science & Pitfalls Of Agile

On 27th April at Dattabot Dojo, Hugo Messer with Evandra Tamzil and Ichsan Rahardianto hosted yet another scrum meetup joined by an amazing group in an open space setting. Ichsan discussed on the ‘the science of agile transformation’ and the physical limitation of our brain to changes and transformation, and Evandra shared his experience on implementing scrum in Dattabot … Continue reading Science & Pitfalls Of Agile

admin May 3rd, 2017

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