Agile Challenges & Solutions

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Raisa Mathew
April 3, 2017

Agile Challenges & Solutions

Raisa Mathew April 3, 2017

About Raisa Mathew

Raisa Elizabeth Mathew is a digital journalist, 360° engagement-centric content strategist and photographer. Her ideas and passion are kittens, social media and mobile. Web enthusiast and professional blogger since 2011, she contributes to a handful of the top technology and marketing websites around the world. She can be reached via Twitter as RaisaMathew

What's New

Agile Product Management

An amazing meetup once again at Jenius floor of BTPN by the Product Team Guru, Michael Ong on 31st March. There was a huge crowd of around 70, participated enthusiastically in all the activities. Discussions on agile product management topics was done in open space setting and that was simply fantastic! The group discussed challenges they … Continue reading Agile Product Management

admin April 7th, 2017

Agile Methodologies – How to Find One That Suits Your Team

That was the fourth scrum meetup of our Scrum user group Kerala and we have revamped our group to Agile Circles India, as more agile enthusiasts looking to join the group apart from Kerala. This time the group gathered under the roof of RainyBits Technology, a software company specialized in designing and building software across the … Continue reading Agile Methodologies – How to Find One That Suits Your Team

admin March 28th, 2017

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