4 Trends Shaping Enterprise Software Development

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Dmitri Koteshov
June 21, 2017

4 Trends Shaping Enterprise Software Development

Dmitri Koteshov June 21, 2017

About Dmitri Koteshov

Dmitri is a creative writer at SumatoSoft. He maintains a longstanding interest in writing tips for startups, providing insights on software development and analyzing current technology trends.

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Keep Your Monkeys On The Right Shoulders

One of the things that have surprised me in the past few years is the size of the ecosystem around startups. We see the same ecosystems evolve in all the major hubs across the globe, but we lack an ecosystem for scaling up.

In my own journey the past decade, I have learned that it’s a lot easier to start up than to scale up. I’m aware that part of the problem is my personal DNA. Some people are good at starting, and some are better at scaling. However, most founders need to hang around fo


Hugo April 27th, 2017

3 Stages to Take on When Developing Your Startup Idea

You may not have established your company. You may not have developed your product yet. But you have an idea. Moreover, you can visualize your project in works, you can imagine its results – that means that you have a vision that drives your ambitions. So what are the stages which lead to the creation of your product? (more…)


Dmitri Koteshov April 17th, 2017

The Wind Of Change Brings Drupal 8

Everyone who has an experience in Drupal already knows that it’s a powerful CMS. It can cope with almost any kind of internet solution, even with online stores, for which Magento is mainly used, and has a lot of useful features. Thanks to Dries Buytaert and his colleagues, we have Drupal and successfully use it already 15 years in the dynamic world of web.


Anna Fox May 11th, 2016

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