21 Agile Experts' Tips To Become A Retrospective Rockstar

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Raisa Mathew
February 17, 2016

21 Agile Experts’ Tips To Be A Retrospective Rockstar

Raisa Mathew February 17, 2016

About Raisa Mathew

Raisa Elizabeth Mathew is a digital journalist, 360° engagement-centric content strategist and photographer. Her ideas and passion are kittens, social media and mobile. Web enthusiast and professional blogger since 2011, she contributes to a handful of the top technology and marketing websites around the world. She can be reached via Twitter as RaisaMathew

  • David Horowitz

    Wow thanks Raisa for sharing this with your audience! We’re excited about the e-book. It really includes some amazing insights, from even more amazing people. Thanks again :)

    • Raisa M

      Hey David,

      Thank you! Great work by you and the Retrium team gathering 21 agile experts into an ebook for project managers/software teams. We too are happy about the release and to have Hugo as one of the experts. Congrats again David, you got an amazing ebook!

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